Bienvenido a ITMA 2019

We are delighted to be back in Barcelona following our very successful event in Milan 2015. This edition has further solidified ITMA’s brand reputation as the world’s leading textile and garment technology exhibition. Not only has all exhibition space been sold, but we also had a long waiting list at the close of space application.

Innovating the World of Textiles

As we enter Industry 4.0 and a new era of intelligent and flexible manufacturing, it is clear that technological innovation will not only revolutionise textile and garment manufacturing, but is vital to the industry’s survival. This message is reflected in the exhibition theme: Innovating the World of Textiles.

Join us in Barcelona from 20-26 June 2019 to find out how Industry 4.0 is changing our world. You wouldn't want to miss it.

Digitalisation is perhaps the biggest opportunity facing our industry for many decades and will certainly be reflected in the innovation on show at ITMA 2019.

Fritz P. Mayer, CEMATEX President