Sector highlights

Fibres, yarns & fabrics

Always evolving

Natural, technical and recycled fibres, yarns and fabrics continue to find new end-use applications such as in smart fabrics, protective apparel, and geotextiles.

Source a broad range of raw materials and innovative fabrics with innovative structures, material mixes at ITMA 2019:

  • Natural and man-made fibres and yarns
  • Technical fibres and yarns
  • Recycled fibres and yarns

Knitting & more

Traditional no more

From digitally-optimised processes that produce apparel with an impeccable fit, and 3D knitting technology with a reduced carbon footprint, to multiaxial knitting machines for the production of fabrics employed in the reinforcement for composites, the once traditional sector is creating many interesting product development opportunities for the industry.

Garment making

Going digital

Digitalisation, automation, and robotics are revolutionising garment making solutions, as well as creating microfactories with improved productivity and flexibility

Printing & chemicals

Make on demand

Digital printing is ushering a new era of ‘make-on-demand’ production and market leaders are constantly introducing innovative and sustainable dyes and chemicals in the face of stricter new environmental regulations.

A new benchmark for dyes & chemicals

Innovative materials

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies

Leading textile companies around the world are leveraging innovative technologies to manufacture technical textiles and nonwoven fabrics to meet growing market demands.

Carbon has the glamour, glass has the lions share

Crucial roles for carbon composites

Sustainable technologies

Eco-friendly solutions

Integrated showcase of eco-friendly technologies and solutions across the entire textile and garment manufacturing value chain with a dedicated focus on

  • recycling
  • waste reduction
  • pollution prevention

A cleaner production approach will help contribute to a circular economy.